What is FiverrEU Nicosia Charge on Credit Card?

The FiverrEU Nicosia charge on your credit card statement indicates a transaction made with the freelancing site Fiverr.

It means that you recently purchased a service through a seller’s gig on the Fiverr platform and used that credit card to make the transaction.

As you might have guessed by the EU suffix at the end of the word Fiverr, this is a charge that is typically seen by European customers.

What does Nicosia mean? Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, a presidential republic island that belongs to the European Union.

Fiverr is an Israeli company but the business is registered in Cyprus.

This is why the credit card charge reads as FiverrEU Nicosia.

Is FiverrEU Nicosia a Legitimate Charge?

Yes, the FiverrEU Nicosia is a legitimate charge through the freelance site Fiverr.

If you paid for a service through a seller’s gig on Fiverr, then it is logical that this charge will appear on your credit card statement.

Of course, it’s only legitimate if you or another user of that credit card purchased those services from Fiverr.

If you see that charge on your statement and you don’t recognize it, read on to find out what the best course of action is.

What to do if you don’t recognize the FiverrEU Nicosia charge?

If you or another user of that credit card does not recognize the FiverrEU Nicosia charge then it’s time to take action.

The first thing you should do is review all of your transactions for the month to make sure you didn’t just forget about your Fiverr purchase.

Remember that services on Fiverr can range in price and some can be as little as just a few dollars.

Now, if you’re sure the FiverrEU Nicosia charge is incorrect then you need to immediately contact your credit card company or the bank that issued the card.

In this situation, there is no point in contacting Fiverr.

Once you contact your credit card provider they will likely open up a case file for your dispute.

The provider will do an investigation into the charge and more often than not the facts will come out in favour of the cardholder.

If you believe you card is compromised, it should immediately be cancelled and a new one issued.

This can be a cumbersome process but in the long run, it is safer for you.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr ioperates a freelancer marketplace.

You can be a buyer or a seller on Fiverr.

Buyers use Fiverr to find freelance help for a wide variety of tasks and skills.

Sellers are the freelancers themselves selling gigs to complete those tasks for a set price.

Fiverr makes money by taking a small percentage of each transaction from both the buyer and the seller sides.

Fiverr International Ltd.

is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NYSE: FVRR.

The name Fiverr comes from the lowest price for a gig which is $5.0.

Guy on Fiverr bidding on jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the FiverrEU Nicosia Charge on my Credit Card?
  • How do I contact FiverrEU Nicosia about a Fraudulent Charge?
  • You can contact FiverrEU Nicosia through its help center by submitting a ticket. There is no listed phone number, email address, or live chat function for customer support from Fiverr.

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