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PiggyBank is your Canadian destination to learn more about personal finance – products, services, concepts, opinions – and everything in between.

We’re a passionate group with a keen interest in personal finance and we’re on a mission to present you with unbiased, Canadian specific personal finance information.

Contributing Writers

Adeola Ojierenem

Adeola is a Chartered Accountant and business finance professional. She is very passionate about financial literacy and education. When she’s not crunching numbers, she loves spending time with.... Read More
Amy Orr

Amy Orrstarted her career with several prestigious internships in investment banking and asset management. In 2007 she went on to graduate with an MSc in Finance and Investment from the University of Edinburgh Business School. She has since spent years as both a Portfolio... Read More
Baggio Ma

Baggio has been investing for nearly a decade, using the perspectives gained from his work experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to shape his investment outlook. He has a specific interest in the potential of emerging disruptive technologies and their impact... Read More
Chandra Philip

Chandra Philip comes from a journalism background, having worked in print, television, and on the web over the past 15 years. With a diverse writing background, Chandra has covered everything from breaking news to blogs to case studies. She enjoys covering topics about... Read More
Charlene Royston

Charlene Royston has written extensively for the private, public, and non-profit sectors for over ten years. Her experience working with a trust company led to a special interest in personal finance, including mortgages, investments, and retirement options. By simplifying the... Read More
Jack Hauen

Jack Hauen is a freelance writer and journalist. He has talked to full-time dungeon masters about how they made D&D their full time job, and explained the "crushing sadness" of the downtown Toronto renting experience. His reporting has appeared in Canada's top publications,... Read More
Lindsey Boycott

Lindsey specializes in writing about personal finance and business trends. She has a B.A. in psychology and is currently working towards completing her Canadian Securities Course. When she’s not exploring the relationship between mind and money, Lindsey likes to play... Read More
Lisa Lagace

Lisa Lagace's work can be found in a variety of international publications including NPR, USA Today, Paste Magazine, New Lines and more. She has also contributed locally to Simplii Financial, Zolo, and Zoocasa, among others. When she’s not busy writing about... Read More
Mark Gregorski

Mark is passionate about educating people on how the financial markets work and providing tips to help them better manage their money. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and has more than a decade of experience as an... Read More
Myles Leva

With a focus on business management and financing, Myles takes a proven approach to financial writing that's structured in a format to engage business owners and individuals struggling with debt and managerial challenges. His proven approach to financial writing has... Read More
Paul Woodland

Paul Woodland is the dreamer behind the thediyinvestor.ca blog, where he hopes to teach all Canadians how they can become disciplined, self-managed investors. He truly believes anyone can learn to self-direct their portfolio with the proper guidance. He’s been studying... Read More
Samantha Kohn

Samantha Kohn is a marketing and communications professional and writer with expertise in the financial services, financial technologies and automotive spaces. Sam is an avid dog-lover and former international traveller, and has recently embraced the opportunity to explore... Read More
Sarah Jansen

Sarah Jansen is a passionate cryptocurrency investor and marketing professional who has been working in the field since 2017. Sarah graduated from the University of Calgary in Canada with a degree in business, where she quickly found her passion in helping people. She has... Read More
Sid Mohapatra

Sid Mohapatra is an energy trader based out of Toronto working in power and natural gas trading. Prior to working in commodities, Sid worked at a top Canadian bank’s fixed income and derivatives business. He possesses strong fundamentals in asset allocation, global macro... Read More
Tara Al-Khudairi

Tara Al-Khudairihas worked in the financial services industry since 2017. She graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Finance and is pursuing her CFA. She has worked at a major Canadian financial institution in various client-facing advisory roles, starting as... Read More

Senior Editors

Harshil Dhanky

Harshil Dhanky is a financial services professional based out of Toronto, Ontario with extensive experience in the Canadian banking industry across Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver in the capital markets, asset management, and lending sectors. In the past, Harshil has... Read More
Matthew Jaekel

Education is my profession, and financial literacy is my passion. I’m so fortunate to do something I love. Those who love what they do, do it better. Every day I get to educate others about economics, money, saving, investing, and personal finance. I teach these skills... Read More
Vishesh Raisinghani

Vishesh Raisinghani is the founder of Sharpe Ascension - a financial content marketing agency based in Toronto. Born in Mumbai, India and graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University, he has been investing in and writing about stocks since 2011. His investments... Read More