What is Nayax Canada Charge on Credit Card?

When you see a Nayax Canada charge on your credit card statement, it means that a transaction has been made using their payment processing system.

The specific reason for this charge could be a car wash, a trip to the laundromat, a soda from a vending machine — whatever it may be, it will reflect the price of the product or service you purchased.

What is Nayax Canada?

Nayax Canada is a company that operates in Canada and offers payment processing services.

They specialize in providing secure payment solutions for vending machines, kiosks, and unattended retail businesses. 

By using Nayax Canada’s services, businesses can accept various digital payments such as credit cards, mobile wallets, and contactless payments.

Their goal is to simplify and streamline the payment process for both businesses and customers.

Review your credit card statement regularly to ensure all charges are legitimate.

If you have concerns about a Nayax Canada Charge, contact your credit card company or the merchant for clarification.


Nayax operates in over 50 countries and provides secure payment solutions for various industries.

What Should You Do If You See the Nayax Canada Charge on Your Credit Card?

Verify the Charge

When you see the Nayax Canada charge on your credit card statement, verify the charge to ensure its validity.

  • Check your purchase history: Go through your recent transactions and determine if the Nayax Canada charge corresponds to a product or service you purchased. It could be something as small as a bag of chips from a vending machine or a kiddie ride at the mall.
  • Contact your payment provider: Reach out to your payment provider directly to inquire about the charge. They can provide more information and clarify any confusion.
  • Review receipts: Check if you have any receipts or invoices from Nayax Canada that match the charge on your credit card statement. This can help confirm the legitimacy of the charge.
  • Compare amounts: Ensure that the amount charged by Nayax Canada matches the amount on your credit card statement. Address any discrepancies with Nayax Canada or your credit card provider. If the charge is slightly higher than what you believed was the price of the product or service you bought, the operator may have charged an additional service fee which should have been disclosed somewhere.

Disputing the Charge with Your Credit Card Provider

If you don’t recognize your Nayax Canada charge and think it might be fraud, reach out to your credit card provider either by phone or through their online platform to initiate the dispute process.

Provide them with all the necessary information pertaining to the disputed charge.

This includes the date, amount, and a detailed explanation as to why you believe the charge is incorrect or unauthorized.

Allow your credit card provider the necessary time to thoroughly investigate the dispute.

Please note that the duration of the investigation may vary; however, they typically respond within a specific timeframe.

Due to the surge in fraudulent charges and unauthorized transactions associated with digital payment methods, credit card providers have taken measures to implement dispute resolution procedures that aim to safeguard their customers.

These procedures allow individuals to raise concerns about suspicious charges, erroneous billing, or unauthorized transactions.

Lady using credit card at vending machine

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Nayax Canada charge on my credit card?
  • Why is the Nayax charge higher than expected?
  • If the Nayax charge is higher than expected, it could be due to an extra service fee for using a credit card, which would be displayed on the machine. Make sure to check for any additional fees or charges associated with the transaction.

  • How can I dispute the Nayax charge on my credit card?
  • If you don’t recognize the Nayax charge on your credit card statement or believe there has been an error, you can contact your bank to dispute the charges and try to recover the money. Provide them with any relevant information or evidence to support your claim.

  • Can I get a refund for the Nayax charge?
  • Nayax does not process refunds directly. To request a refund, you should contact the operator of the machine or the manager of the location where the purchase was made. They will be responsible for handling refund requests and resolving any issues.

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