How to Convert Avion Points to WestJet Dollars (Hassle-Free Guide)

You can convert RBC Avion points to WestJet dollars at a conversion rate of 100 Avion points to 1 WestJet dollar. This is a Cents Per Point conversion rate of 1.00.

There are occasions when RBC Avion or WestJet will offer a bonus rate for users.

For example, a 15% bonus conversion rate will result in receiving 15% more WestJet dollars for the same amount of Avion Points.

In this example, 10,000 Avion Points would convert to $115 in WestJet Dollars.

Requirements For Converting Avion Points to WestJet Dollars

There are a few requirements to meet to convert Avion Points to WestJet Dollars in Canada:

Be a Member of the RBC Avion Points Reward Program

To have earned RBC Avion Points you need to have an RBC credit card that allows you to collect Avion Points.

The conversion of RBC Avion Points to WestJet Dollars is initiated on the RBC Rewards login page.

There are several RBC credit cards that are in the Avion Points program including the RBC Avion Infinite Visa, the RBC Ion and Ion+ Visa, and the RBC Avion Visa Platinum.

Have the Minimum Number of Avion Points Needed for Conversion

To qualify for a conversion of RBC Avion Points to WestJet Dollars you will need at least 1,000 Avion Points.

At a conversion rate of 100:1, this will get you $10.00 WestJet Dollars.

Be a Member of the WestJet Rewards Program

When you convert your Avion Points to WestJet Dollars you will need a WestJet Rewards account to transfer them to.

If you’ve flown WestJet before or you have a RBC credit card that offers WestJet Dollars, then you will likely already have an account.

If you don’t, you can sign up for one for free.

Did You Know?

As of August 2023, RBC opened the Avion Points programs to all Canadians even if they are not RBC clients. There are some limitations for Avion members who do not bank with RBC.

What Else Can Avion Points Be Used For?

RBC’s Avion Points can be used for a long list of products and services.

Aside from converting them to WestJet Dollars, here are some other things that Avion Points can be exchanged for.

Travel Rewards

Travel rewards are one of the most popular ways to use Avion Points and usually have the best overall CPP rate.

With Avion, you can use your points for rewards programs of airline partners like WestJet, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and American Airlines.

For flights, you can use Avion Points to book tickets with nearly any airline.

Avion also allows you to book hotels, rental cars, cruises, and full vacation packages.

Merchandise and Gift Cards

Not into travelling?

You can exchange your Avion Points for gift cards from over 60 retail brands including Amazon, Starbucks, and Indigo.

You can also use points to redeem or supplement purchases from retailers like Apple, Home Depot, or Best Buy.

RBC Financial Rewards

RBC banking clients can convert Avion Points to financial rewards like contributions to a mortgage or RBC credit line.

You can even use it to pay for RBC Direct Investing trading commissions or as contributions to an RESP or other registered investment accounts.

Pay With Points

RBC customers can also use Avion Points to pay down their bills including their credit card, send them as an e-transfer, and even pay for products in-store.

Not all Avion cards are included in this so check with the RBC Avion program to confirm that the card is included.

Convert Your Points

You already know that you can convert your Avion Points to WestJet Dollars.

You can also convert them to other reward programs like British Airways, Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles, and even HBC Rewards from Hudson’s Bay Company.

Check with each program to confirm the conversion rate from Avion Points.

Donate to Charity

For generous Avion Points reward program members, points can be used as a donation to charitable organizations in Canada.

Some of the charities available include the Ronal McDonald House of Canada, Hope Air, and the David Foster Foundation.

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