Here’s What a MTO RUS SO eChannel / MTO e Commerce Charge Is

An MTO RUS-SO eChannel or MTO e Commerce charge on your credit card is from the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario (MTO).

This transaction will appear on your credit card statement if you’ve made a payment to the MTO, either in person at a Service Ontario centre or through their website.

What does an MTO RUS-SO eChannel charge on my credit card mean?

Have you recently spotted an item marked “MTO RUS-SEO eChannel” or “MTO e Commerce” on your credit statement?

Many people have posted their grievances online when they discover such an item on their statement, alleging it’s a scam.

Luckily, you don’t need to panic if this charge appears on your statement.

It’s a legitimate transaction from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

The MTO is Ontario’s ministry responsible for overseeing and regulating all things related to transportation in the province.

These include:

  • Maintenance of the province’s highways
  • Registration of personal and commercial vehicles
  • Licensing of drivers
  • Enforcement of provincial transportation laws

An MTO transaction stems from a payment you made to the government organization.

Usually, it’s for a driver’s license renewal.

But it could also be for other things like registering a new vehicle or paying a traffic ticket.

Common MTO RUS-SO charges and their rates

There are various MTO RUS-SO charges, each with a specific rate.

Here are the most common ones and the amount you can expect to pay.

Driver’s license

This is perhaps the most common reason for an MSO RUS-SO eChannel.

You must possess a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle in Ontario as in any other province.

You’re also required to renew your license every five years.

Separate fees apply if you need to replace it or have it reinstated following a suspension.

Description of charge Fee
New license $90
License renewal $90
Replacement of license $35.75
Reinstatement of a suspended license $281

Vehicle permit

You must register a used vehicle in Ontario within six days of buying it.

The dealership from where you purchased it will typically take care of the registration for a new car.

Description of charge Fee
Vehicle permit for cars and motorcycles $32
Trailer plate, permit, and license sticker $72
Oversize/overweight permit replacement $35
Commercial vehicle operator’s registration replacement $35.75

License plate fee

There’s a wide range of license plate fees in Ontario.

The cost can vary considerably based on your vehicle type and how you intend to use it.

This charge also encompasses fees for plate replacements.

Description of charge Fee
Basic license plate $15 – $300
Manufacturer, dealer/service – vehicle permit and plate $59
Passenger 10-day trip permit $23.50
Commercial 10-day trip permit $23.50 – $50
License plate replacement $25.13 – $127.17
Off-road vehicle permit and plate number $38
Trailer permit and plate number $32
Motorized snow vehicle registration $33

Did You Know?

As of March 13, 2022, there’s no cost to renew a license plate in Ontario for most vehicles.

Traffic tickets and other fines

Tickets and fines vary in cost based on the severity of the offence.

Generally, the penalty ranges between $60 and $500 for minor offences.

Serious violations like speeding 50 km over the speed limit or failing to stop your vehicle for police could be as high as $10,000 for your first conviction.

Surcharges and administrative fees may also apply to certain fines.

How to file a dispute with the MTO

For the most part, an MTO RUS-SO eChannel charge that appears on your credit card is valid – you don’t need to speculate about a potentially fraudulent transaction.

However, if something doesn’t seem quite right about the amount, you can get in touch with them to resolve the issue.

Follow these steps:

  • Contact the MTO office by calling 416-235-4686. You can find details for other communication channels here, including a contact form.
  • Ask the representative to pull up your account and confirm the charge made in error.
  • Explain why you believe the charge on your account is a mistake. If the representative agrees with your claim, they can reverse the payment and issue a refund.
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