16 Facts About Tim Hortons

1. There are 5,833 Tim Hortons restaurants worldwide

You can find a Tim Hortons in 5,833 locations across 19 countries and territories, with nearly 77% of those in Canada and the US

Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest donut/coffee restaurant chain in Canada as measured by total restaurants.

(As of December 31, 2023)

2. Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc.

In addition to Tim Hortons, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) Inc., a Canadian-American multinational fast food holding company, owns and franchises Burger King, Popeyes, and Firehouse Sub restaurants.

If you want to own a piece of Tim Hortons, you can purchase RBI under the symbol QSR on the NYSE and TSX.

3. Tim Hortons Foundation Camps has raised over $237 million to help disadvantaged children

Since 1974, Tim Hortons has been helping empower underserved children through its Foundation Camps program.

Its fundraising efforts have allowed more than 300,000 youths to attend multi-year camps at one of seven locations in Canada and the United States.

4. The property for about 21% of all Tim Hortons restaurants are owned or leased directly by franchisees

Restaurant Brands International Inc owns the property for about 17% of Tim Hortons restaurants and leases the property to franchisees.

5. Tim Hortons sales for 2023 grew by 11% in Canada & US

In comparison, Burger King, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs posted sales growth of 6.9%, 10.5%, and 4.2% during the same year, respectively.

6. Tim Hortons earned revenue of over $3.97 billion in 2023 in Canada & US

In comparison, Burger King, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs posted sales in 2023 of $1.29 billion, $692 million, and $187 million.

7. Tim Hortons is expanding to South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Panama

In 2023, Tim Hortons has signed master franchise agreements in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

They have also signed a development agreement in Panama and are considering an expansion to Indonesia as well.

8.Tim Hortons offers its own credit card

Tim Horton’s entered the credit card market on July 24, 2023, with its Tim’s Credit Card, powered by Mastercard and backed by Neo Financial.

Consumers can use the zero-annual fee credit card to rack up rewards points on groceries, transit, EV charging, and, of course, Tim Horton’s purchases.

9. Tim Hortons coffee is 100% ethically sourced

Proudly verified by Enveritas, Tim Hortons obtains its coffee from suppliers who adhere to strict social, economic, and environmental sustainability standards and are committed to innovative farming technologies.

Since 2005, the brand has partnered with over 30,000 coffee farmers, many of them small operations in need of support.

10. Tim Hortons coffee is brewed fresh every 20 minutes

Tim Horton’s restaurants brew a fresh batch every 20 minutes.

While the brand’s coffee brewing technology constantly evolves, the 20-minute promise remains a staple of its iconic recipe.

11. Tim Horton’s loyalty program has over 9 million users and its app has over 4 million active users

Tim Hortons is no stranger to embracing technology to enhance customer service and boost sales.

Its loyalty program and app contribute 36% of its total sales.

(As of early 2022)

12. Tim Horton’s app is Canada’s most widely used food & beverage app

Over 4.3 million Canadians use Tim Horton’s app.

In Comparison, Uber Eats has 3.9 million active users, and Starbucks has 2.4 million.

(As of early 2022)

13. Tim Horton’s App is the second most used ecommerce app in Canada

Only the online retail giant Amazon boasts higher usage than Tim Hortons in Canada, which is quite impressive.

(As of early 2022)

14. The average online customer spends $354 annually at Tim Hortons Restaurants

Digital sales contribute immensely to Tim Hortons’ bottom line.

Online customers spend, on average, $354 per year, making a purchase 76 times per year.

In contrast, non-digital guests spend, on average, $81 annually visiting a Timmie’s restaurant 15 times during the year.

15. The most common lease term for a Tim Horton’s Franchisee is 10 Years.

Canadian franchisees also have the option to renew their lease for 10-year periods.

A typical lease term for U.S.-based Tim Hortons restaurants is 20 years.

16. Tim Hortons has five distribution centers for its restaurants in Canada

During the last few years, Tim Horton’s has upgraded its distribution system, adding two new warehouses in Canada.

It also maintains three manufacturing plants in the country.

How Many Tim Hortons in Canada?

According to Restaurant Brands International Inc’s Fiscal Year 2023 Results report, there are 4,525 Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada and the US.

How Many Tim Hortons in the World?

According to Restaurant Brands International Inc’s Fiscal Year 2023 Results report, there are 5,833 Tim Hortons restaurants are worldwide.

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