How to Authorize or Cancel a Representative with the AUT-01 Form (Formerly T1013)

Previously, if you needed to authorize a representative to handle your tax returns filing and information, you would have had to complete the T1013 form.

This was also used to cancel the authority of a representative for tax purposes.

The T1013 form has been replaced with an online authorization process and the AUT-01 form.

What is the T1013 Form?

Form T1013 Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative was previously needed to authorize or cancel a representative for tax return filing purposes.

This form is no longer available or required to authorize or cancel a representative.

In place of a T1013 form, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) introduced a new secure method for authorizing a representative through your CRA My Account profile.

What is the AUT-01 Form?

Using your My Account login, you can grant a representative the authority to access and update your tax information online through the “Authorize my representative” service.

Using this online service, you are also able to update or cancel an existing authorization at any time.

However, if you want to authorize your representative to have offline access over the phone, by mail, by fax, or in person, you will need to submit the Form AUT-01 Authorize a Representative for Offline Access to the CRA.

When you use the Form AUT-01 to give a representative access to manage your tax information, they will not have online access to your information in Represent a Client.

The AUT-01 form can be used by individuals, trusts, or businesses to grant access to a representative for offline tax management.

What Can My Representative Do?

An authorized representative can manage your tax information by accessing your personal and business tax information, tax assessment or reassessment, obtaining information about your tax accounts, accessing and updating your trust account information, accessing and updating your non-resident tax account information, etc.

Your authorized representative may also be able to verify their authorization on your account.

Generally, your representative will not be able to update certain information on your personal or business accounts such as your address, marital status, direct deposit or pre-authorized debit agreements, or other representatives.

Who Can Be My Representative? 

Your representative is someone or a group of people that you authorize to view or make changes to your tax information.

A representative manages your individual or business taxes and communicates with the CRA on your behalf for tax purposes.

A representative could be a family member, spouse, friend, or professional accountant, executor, or lawyer.

This representative will need to be registered with the CRA and obtain authorization from the individuals or businesses they are representing by providing their Business Number (BN), GroupID, or RepID.

When Would I Need to Authorize or Cancel a Representative? 

You may need to authorize a representative if you are incapable of managing your taxes yourself due to health or personal reasons.

Some people who have little understanding of how taxes work can authorize a representative to file their taxes or make changes to certain tax information on their behalf. 

If you decide that you no longer need a representative to manage your taxes, you can cancel your representative’s authorization at any time.

In the event of death, the CRA cancels the authorization on your account.

How do I Submit My T1013 / AUT-01 Form? 

To submit an AUT-01 form, you need to send the filled form to a Canada Revenue Agency tax center within six months after it is signed.

You can send the form to the CRA mailing address or an applicable tax drop box which you can find here.

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