Costco Food Court Menu & Prices in Canada

The Costco food court menu in Canada has a variety of items ranging from $1.50 to $12.99 in price.

A well-known fact is that Costco’s founder has vowed that it will never increase the price of its $1.50 hot dog no matter how high inflation goes.

This makes the Costco hot dog one of the most recession-proof meals around!

All of the items on Costco’s food court menu are reasonably priced, making them a popular choice for a cheap meal.

Here is a table that compares all of the Costco food court items in terms of price and caloric count.

Costco Food Court Menu Item Price Calories
1/4 Pound All Beef Hot Dog and 20 oz Fountain Drink $1.50 540 to 940 calories
1/4 Pound Polish Sausage and 20 oz Fountain Drink $1.50 540 to 940 calories
Slice of Cheese Pizza $2.59 650 calories
Slice of Pepperoni Pizza $2.59 670 calories
18 Inch Cheese Pizza (6 slices) $12.99 3,900 calories
18 Inch Pepperoni Pizza (6 slices) $12.99 4,020 calories
Chicken Strips and Fries $6.99 1,300 calories
French Fries $2.99 910 calories
Poutine $5.99 1,890 calories
Gravy $0.30 45 calories
Chicken Strip and French Fries $6.99 1,300 calories
20 oz. Fountain Drink with Refills $0.89 0 to 390 calories
Ice Cream Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist) $2.89 610 to 640 calories
Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae (Caramel/Chocolate Sauce, Berry Topping) $3.49 670 to 740 calories
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie $3.49 820 calories

Do You Need a Costco Membership to Visit The Food Court?

Technically, as per Costco policy, you need to show your Costco membership at the entrance of the store to continue in.

However, this seems to be a loosely held policy, as many Canadian non-members continue to also enter and make their way to the food court.

At some Canadian locations, the food court is accessible from outside of the store.

And in most locations, self-checkout machines in the food court do not prompt for your membership card.

In the US, certain stores have begun mandating membership to make food court purchases.

So with the growing popularity of the Costco food court, it seems like they’ll get stricter on mandating membership.

Why is the Costco Food Court So Cheap?

There are several reasons why the Costco food court menu items are so cheap.

One reason is to reward members with cheaper food prices as a benefit to paying the annual membership fees.

Another reason is that Costco already sells most of the ingredients in its stores.

This means that it is already buying these products at a bulk discount.

Even though the prices seem cheap, Costco is still likely making a profit.

Costco has exclusive partnerships with companies from which they source their food court items.

These include Pepsi for beverages in Canada and Cavendish for french fries.

Finally, the founder of Costco, Jim Sinegal, has been against raising the prices of the menu items, particularly the hot dog combo.

There is a quote from current CEO Craig Jelinek when he approached Sinegal about raising the prices of the hot dogs and Sinegal responding with a hard no.

Did You Know?

Costco first introduced its hot dog combo in 1985 and sells hundreds of millions of them each year.

Does the Costco Food Court Menu Vary Based on Location?

Yes, Costco food courts around the world will differ based on their location and local cuisines.

For example, Canadian Costco food courts serve french fries and poutine, but American Costco does not.

Other products on the American Costco food court menu include things like chicken wings, turkey and provolone sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, seafood chowder, chicken bake, and smoothies.

For the most part, Costcos across Canada offer all of the same products on the food court menu.

Tips for Visiting Costco Food Courts in Canada

The one thing everyone needs to know when planning to visit a Costco food court in Canada is to get there early or late.

Going right at noon or dinner time can result in a substantial wait for your food.

It also probably means there is limited seating capacity.

Another tip is to eat before you go shopping!

Have you ever noticed that shopping on an empty stomach leads to a higher shopping bill?

If you’re already hungry, head to the food court to get your hot dog before you begin your shopping trip.

Picture of Costco Food Court Menu board

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Happened to Costco chicken wings at the food court?
  • Has Costco ever changed the price of their hot dog combo?
  • No, the Costco hot dog combo remains $1.50 which is the same price it was introduced at in 1985. It is believed that Costco will never raise the price of the hot dog combo even if inflation continues to rise.

  • Can you eat in a Costco food court without a membership?
  • Technically, as per Costco policy, you need to show your Costco membership at the entrance of the store to continue in, however, this seems to be a loosely held policy, as many Canadian non-members continue to also enter and make their way to the food court.

  • How many people does a Costco Food Court Pizza feed?
  • The Costco food court pizza feeds between 6 to 8 people. It’s cut into 6 slices but they are 6 big slices. Costco food court pizzas are 18 inches wide. For comparison, a Pizza Pizza XL is 16 inches so the Costco pizza is bigger than a typical XL pizza found at many chains.

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