thinkorswim Canada is No Longer Available

thinkorswim is no longer available in Canada for new users as of 2024.

TD Direct Investing has started migrating users off of thinkorswim to their TD Active Trader platform.

It looks like TD is aiming to have users migrated off of TOS in the first half of 2024.

thinkorswim was available for new and existing Canadian customers until somewhere around the second half of 2023.

TD had discontinued the thinkorswim offering for new customers in the Spring of 2021 however had opened it back up.

Not much is known as to why it was been discontinued, reinstated and now discontinued again besides it being a ‘business decision’, however this time it looks like it’s not going to be coming back with TD migrating users to Active Trader.

In speaking with a TD representative, they noted that there was a lot of customer feedback and demand for the thinkorswim platform in 2022 when they originally discontinued TOS, so it’s surprising to see that they are now discontinuing it.

Keep in mind that this is specific to Canada; the thinkorswim offering will continue to be available in the US.

In terms of robust functionality that thinkorswim was applauded for, Interactive Brokers is the most similar alternative for Canadians.

What is thinkorswim?

thinkorswim is regularly praised by advanced options traders due to its capabilities and tools.

While the platform was always available to US customers, TD extended its availability to Canadian customers as part of the TD Direct Investing offering available to Canadians.

With a limited number of trading platforms in Canada, thinkorswim was a welcome addition for advanced traders.

thinkorswim was originally launched in 1999 by Tom Sosnoff and Scott Sheridan.

Over the years they grew rapidly and held sizable market share during years where technology and the internet were quickly evolving.

thinkorswim Features

thinkorswim offers a robust, powerful suite of tools.

Highlights include:

  • Fully customizable platform
  • Sophisticated, multi-leg option strategies
  • Free real-time streaming data for US equity and option level 1 and 2 data
  • Analyst upgrades and downgrades and live CNBC newsfeeds
  • Paper money account available on the app
  • Robust set of research and analytics features
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