What is PPPL Can CAD CE Charge on Credit Card?

A PPPL Can Cad CE Charge on a credit card is the charge you receive after a failed transaction from the online payment company PayPal.

If, for example, a monthly subscription were to charge your PayPal account but the money wasn’t available at the time, you will likely receive a refund of the subscription amount and then another charge for the original amount titled PPPL CAN CAD CE.

If you received a PPPL Can Cad CE Charge and you would like more information about it, contact PayPal directly via live chat or by calling them.

Is the “PPPL CAN CAD CE” charge a legitimate transaction?

Yes, the “PPPL CAN CAD CE” charge is a legitimate transaction that occurs after a failed transaction attempt, such as when an annual subscription tries to charge your account, but there are insufficient funds available.

It is a valid charge related to the original transaction.

How can I dispute the “PPPL CAN CAD CE” charge with PayPal?

If you believe there is an error or unauthorized transaction related to the “PPPL CAN CAD CE” charge, you can dispute it with PayPal.

To initiate a dispute, you can contact PayPal’s Customer Care department by visiting the “Contact Us” link located at the bottom of every PayPal page.

They will be able to assist you in resolving the issue.

If you don’t have a PayPal account and suspect this may be fraud, then contact your credit card company directly and report the issue for further investigation.

Why am I seeing the charge “PARKING PPL PARKING PPL TORONTO” on my credit card statement, even if I didn’t park in Toronto?

The charge “PARKING PPL PARKING PPL TORONTO” appearing on your credit card statement, even if you did not park in Toronto, may be due to the association of the parking machines used across various locations.

The machines might be owned by Toronto, leading to the charge being labeled as such on your statement, regardless of the actual parking location.

However, if you did not park at any parking lot that day (or over the weekend, if the charge appeared on your account on a Monday), contact your credit card provider to file a dispute.

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