Finding Angel Investors in Canada

Finding Angel Investors in Canada

Do you have a business idea you’re eager to launch but need help getting funding?

Or maybe you’ve already gained some traction but lack the connections and specialized knowledge to take your venture to the next level.

If so, reaching out to angel investors for capital, advice, and mentorship can help you reach your goals.

In this guide, we’ve assembled a list of some of Canada’s top angel-investing organizations that can give your business the boost it needs.

Backbone Angels

Backbone Angels cater specifically to women and non-binary founders, focusing on companies led by Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour.

This female-led angel investing collective offers multiple application periods yearly and typically responds to submissions within two weeks.

Accelerate Okanagan

Accelerate Okanagan is a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services to support budding entrepreneurs in Okanagan’s tech community.

The six core programs offer self-paced learning modules, mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities.

By enrolling, you’ll get access to almost every resource imaginable to help you kickstart your business.

Bluesky Equities

This heavily active private investment management firm focuses on alternative assets, including hedge funds, real estate, and global equities.

It also invests in early-stage companies, boasting a venture capital portfolio of over 70 investments, primarily in the B2B SaaS sector.

The firm has been recognized as a leading angel investor in Canada by the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA).


Brightspark is a venture capital firm that invests in a broad range of tech industries: SaaS, consumer, hardware, fintech, AI, etc.

It invests in companies with viable products who’ve already attained some success in expanding their business by providing additional funding, expertise, and connections.

Some prominent start-ups the firm has helped to grow include Optable, Potloc, Hopper, and Nudge.

Anges Quebec

Founded in 2007, Anges Quebec is a collective of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts who aim to provide financial support for innovative business start-ups.

The organization has invested nearly $132 million in 196 companies across various industries.

It’s considered the largest angel investor network in Canada.

Angel One

Angel One is a non-profit organization that funds Ontario-based early-stage companies across various industries, including health care, industrial, cleantech, and media.

To be eligible for funding, you must operate a business that generates a reasonable return on investment valued at $6 million or less.

The Angel One screening committee meets monthly to review applications and chooses the top six companies to move forward for consideration.

Bizfield Angel Network

Based in Vancouver, Bizfield Angel Network is a global angel investor network that helps foreign and domestic tech start-ups access the capital they need to grow their operations.

It also assists overseas companies wishing to relocate to Canada and offers various programs, resources, and events to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Its ideal client base is an early-stage firm that generates steady revenue or has a product or service in the MVP (minimum viable product) stage that intends to carry out most of its business in Canada.

Capital Angel Network

The Capital Angel Network (CAN) has been funding and providing expert advice and connections to start-ups across a multitude of sectors since 2009.

It has invested over $66 million into 160 companies, most of which are based in Ottawa.

CAN maintains active involvement in Ottawa’s start-up community, engaging with local incubators and hosting events for entrepreneurs.

Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN)

The Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) is one of Canada’s premier angel investment groups.

It invests in 20 companies each year, hosting monthly investment meetings where early-stage founders from all types of sectors can pitch their ideas.

The organization also provides an accelerated fund path for fast-growing firms backed by leading investors who require a significant infusion of additional capital.

GreenSky Ventures

GreenSky Ventures funds up-and-coming B2B companies in the Cleantech, IT, and MedTech sectors. It participates in seed and pre-seed rounds, providing legal, financial, and technological expertise and access to strategic industry contacts.

GreenSky Ventures has raised over $50 million for 14 companies through 28 transactions.


HaloHealth is an investment group that provides capital, industry connections and advisory services to early-stage health technology firms.

This physician-led organization teams up with firms with working prototypes that require pre-seed, seed, or intermediate financing.

HaloHealth collaborates actively with other capital firms, angel groups, startup accelerators, and government organizations to help bring new health technology ventures to market.


Formed in 1999, Vantec has been instrumental in growing British Columbia’s angel investment community, boasting over 180 members.

The organization supports promising BC-based founders in the tech sectors with capital, connections, and advisory services.

Vantec hosts monthly meetings where 8-12 startup companies can present their business to a group of angel investors.

Boasting over 180 members, Vantec is often the go-to angel investing organization for first-time founders in BC.


KNDL is an investment group of over 130 members who provide early-stage funding to local firms with massive growth potential.

The organization aims to help its investees build a successful business venture while creating employment opportunities for Eastern Ontario and enriching local communities.

KNDL has several partners and sponsors, including Launch Lab and Angel Investors Ontario, and participates in regular investor events and summits throughout the year.

Northern Ontario Angels

Created in 2005, the Northern Ontario Angels (NOA) is the premier angel investment group that partners with Northern Ontario entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, it’s invested over $780 million in over 500 firms, helping to fuel Northern Ontario’s economy and providing founders with the capital, education, and expertise to grow their fledgling companies.

NOA partners with many government and non-profit organizations, including the Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario and Norcat.

Keiretsu Forum Canada

Established in 2012, Keiretsu Forum Canada provides local and international emerging firms with funding and access to value-added resources, mentorship, and adviser services.

The angel investment organization holds monthly meetings where entrepreneurs can pitch their businesses.

Keiretsu Forum Canada maintains four chapters in Ontario.

It has funded firms in the life sciences, MedTech, cleantech, fintech, technology, consumer, and travel sectors.

Durham’s Neighbourhood Association of Angel Investors (DNA)

Founded in 2012, DNA Angels (formerly Spark Angel Network) is a not-for-profit sector agnostic organization that supports entrepreneurs in Ontario’s Durham Region.

It offers mentorship, financial support, and access to strategic networks for emerging firms backed by solid IP and market potential and poised for growth in their industry.

DNA doesn’t operate as a fund; each member chooses which firms they invest in.

Maple Leaf Angels

Established in 2007, Maple Leaf Angels (MLA) connects technology entrepreneurs across Canada with accredited investors who provide capital, coaching, and access to strategic partners to help expand their businesses.

MLA’s membership consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives.

The organization conducts weekly meetings where founders can present their businesses as the first step in the screening process.

York Angel Investors

A premier angel investing group in the Greater Toronto Area, York Angel Investors offers strategic advice and connections for early-stage companies across diverse industries.

Since 2008, it has done over 40 business deals, with funding totalling 10.8 million.

The organization seeks to partner with firms with an established proof of concept, potential for rapid growth, and a track record of success from capital invested by founders and their family members/friends.

Southeastern Ontario Angel Group

Founded in 2008, the Southwestern Ontario Angel Group is a not-for-profit corporation focused on sourcing promising early-stage companies and presenting them to a community of angel investors.

It’s a founding member of Equation Angels & Entrepreneurs, which comprises nearly 200 angel investors.

The organization looks for companies with global market potential, existing customer traction, patentable technology, and valuations up to 5 million, preferably based in Southern Ontario.

Angel Investors Ontario

Angel Investors Ontario (AIO) is an organization that provides support and educational tools to various not-for-profit angel investment groups and investment clubs based in Ontario.

It maintains a network of over 1,500 investors across the province with the aim to grow Ontario’s angel investing ecosystem and build prosperity for the region.

AIO members include Angel One Network (AON), Keiretsu Forum Canada, and Maple Leaf Angels (MLA).

Niagara Angel Network

The Niagara Angel Network is a not-for-profit corporation comprising over 40 accredited angel investors, most of whom are from Niagara.

It invests in early-stage companies across most industries, with funding typically ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Niagara Angels don’t operate as a fund – each member has discretion regarding which firms they invest in.

Typically, 2-3 companies make a presentation per meeting to Niagara Angel members after a thorough screening.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an angel investor in Canada?

There are various ways you can find an angel investor in Canada. The first and easiest step is to reach out to family members and contacts in your network, especially those who provide services to wealthy individuals, such as lawyers and bankers. If you lack an extensive network, connect with local entrepreneurs to learn how they found investors willing to fund their startups. You can also submit your business idea directly to an angel investor organization. If they like your proposal, they may decide to invest in you.

What percentage do angel investors take?

In exchange for backing your fledgling business idea, your angel investor will want a share of your company's equity. The amount will vary depending on factors such as anticipated profitability and the riskiness of your venture. But most angel investors typically ask for somewhere between 10% to 25%.

How many angel investors are in Canada?

It's difficult to say how many angel investors exist in Canada, as there's no central database of names and organizations. According to the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), between 20,000 and 50,000 individuals in the country provide funding to startups. According to the National Angel Capital Organization's (NACO) 2022 annual report, angel investment in Canada totalled $262.1 million. NACO's network includes 4,200 angel investors and 45 angel groups.

Can anyone be an angel investor in Canada?

Anyone with the financial resources and desire to invest in startups can be considered an angel investor. However, to legally invest large sums of money in risky, non-public companies, you must first qualify as an accredited investor. There are several ways to meet the criteria of an accredited investor. Typically, you must earn an annual pre-tax income of $200,00 two years in a row ($300,000 if you have a spouse) or a net worth of $5,000,000 or more (alone or with your spouse).


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