What is DS CANADA TXD/DIM Bank Charge?

What is DS CANADA TXD/DIM Bank Charge?
Banking Jul 17, 2024 3 min read
What is DS CANADA TXD/DIM Bank Charge?

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The DS CANADA TXD/DIM is a bank charge that indicates you used your debit card or credit card for a foreign purchase, usually from an online site.

It’s nothing to be concerned about unless, of course, you don’t remember making that purchase.

The charge can be from shopping on a website or if you are travelling and using your debit or credit card to purchase something in a foreign currency.

The DS Canada TXD/DIM bank charge can appear on a statement from any Canadian bank.

It’s important not to panic if you see it, but you should ensure to take steps to verify what that bank charge was for.

What Does DS Canada TXD/DIM Stand For?

DS CANADA TXD/DIM stands for “Debit Standard CANADA Transaction Amount / Debit International Mastercard.”

It is a bank charge that appears on statements related to online purchases, foreign currency transactions, and service fees and charges.

Mastercard is accepted in most countries around the world so there is a high probability that it would be accepted at an international online store.

As you probably can tell, this charge is mostly associated with Mastercard Debit Cards which are issued by banks like BMO and Simplii Financial in Canada.

Reasons for DS Canada TXD/DIM Bank Charges

Online Shopping

Making a purchase from an online store could definitely lead to a TXD/DIM bank charge.

If you use your Mastercard Debit Card to purchase things online from an international store, you’ll likely be charged in a foreign currency, and if your bank does not recognize the outlet, it could lead to noting the transaction as a TXD/DIM charge.

Foreign Currency Transactions

If you have been travelling and have used your Mastercard Debit Card to make a foreign currency transaction, you could be subject to the DS Canada TXD/DIM bank charge.

Before you travel, it might be worth it to confirm with your bank if there are extra charges for foreign currency transactions.

What Do I Do if I See a TXD/DIM Bank Charge in my Bank Account?

Don’t panic! The DS Canada TXD/DIM bank charge is completely normal if you often use your Mastercard Debit Card to pay for things.

We don’t even think twice about online shopping these days so it’s not surprising at all if you don’t remember a certain transaction.

If you do see the charge on your statement and you really have no explanation for it, contact the card issuer immediately.

Customer service representatives will be able to determine what transaction caused the TXD/DIM charge.

Try not to jump to any conclusions and review your recent transactions before contacting customer support.

Can I Prevent a TXD/DIM Bank Charge?

Yes! As the DS Canada TXD/DIM bank charge is usually a result of foreign transactions, you can avoid it by simply using a different card for your online shopping.

If you know that you might receive this charge when using your Mastercard Debit Card, it might be worth considering a credit card instead.

Key Insight

If you want to avoid using a credit card or don’t have one, there are plenty of ways to pay online now. You can use a payment service like PayPal or Stripe and most websites will accept them. Always be cautious with online purchases and make sure you are shopping on a reputable site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does TRF Stand For?

If you see the abbreviation TRF on your bank statement it just means Transfer. It could be any sort of transfer of funds in or out of your account.

Can I Get a TXD/DIM Charge From Online Shopping?

Yes, in fact, online shopping is one of the most common methods of getting a TXD/DIM charge on your account. Since the abbreviation refers to a charge for using your Mastercard Debit Card, it can easily be on your statement from an online shopping spree at an international site.


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