10 Best Canadian Dividend Aristocrat Stocks

PiggyBank Staff | September 14, 2023
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Here are 10 of the best Canadian dividend aristocrat stocks to consider adding to your portfolio:

1. Aecon Group Inc. (ARE)
2. Fiera Capital Corp. (FSZ)
3. Great-West Lifeco Inc. (GWO)
4. Chartwell Retirement Residences (CSH.UN)
5. BCE Inc. (BCE)
6. TC Energy Corp. (TRP)
7. Enbridge Inc. (ENB)
8. Power Corp. of Canada (POW)
9. Bank of Nova Scotia (The) (BNS)
10. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)

1. Aecon Group Inc. (ARE)

Aecon Group Inc. (ARE): A top Canadian construction and infrastructure development firm. Specializing in complex projects for public and private sectors. Proven track record for delivering quality results. Diverse project portfolio, expertise in transportation, mining, energy, and social infrastructure. Solid financials with consistent revenue growth. Generates strong cash flow for investing and dividends. Founded 1877, 140-year history of constructing Canada’s infrastructure. Values: safety, integrity, collaboration, sustainability.

2. Fiera Capital Corp. (FSZ)

Fiera Capital Corp. (FSZ) is a top Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stock to consider. It has a reliable record of providing dividends to shareholders.

The company has a diverse range of assets and expertise in various investment strategies. It offers solutions to both institutional and individual investors, tailored to their goals.

Plus, Fiera Capital Corp. stands out for its commitment to responsible investing. It integrates environmental, social and governance factors into its decisions, delivering financial returns while helping the environment and society.

An investor shared how impressed they were with the company’s communication and transparency. Fiera Capital Corp. provided updates and answered questions, creating trust and loyalty.

In conclusion, Fiera Capital Corp. (FSZ) is a great option for those seeking stable dividends and responsible investing. It delivers value and makes a positive impact.

3. Great-West Lifeco Inc. (GWO)

GWO – Great-West Lifeco Inc. – is a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stock worth considering for your portfolio. It’s a reliable choice for dividend-seeking investors, since it has a long history of consistent dividend payments.

Plus, it has financial stability and a strong management team that have allowed it to keep dividend payments even through tough times. Growth potential is also offered by GWO, as the company has successfully spread out its operations both domestically and internationally. This diversification reduces risk and creates more chances for growth.

GWO is devoted to delivering value to its customers with innovative products and services. This focus on the client has enabled the company to build up long-term relationships, leading to more loyalty and revenue.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! GWO has consistent dividends, growth potential, and commitment to customer satisfaction – making it a great investment option. Consider adding GWO to your portfolio today!

4. Chartwell Retirement Residences (CSH.UN)

Chartwell Retirement Residences (CSH.UN) is a top pick for Canadian Dividend Aristocrats. It has a great history of paying out dividends to shareholders. Its focus is on senior living communities, giving it an edge in this sector.

This company operates more than 200 retirement residences throughout Canada. It offers many services and amenities specifically tailored to seniors. It ranges from independent living to personalized care. Chartwell Retirement Residences aims to make life comfortable and supportive for its residents.

What sets Chartwell Retirement Residences apart is its commitment to quality and innovation. It invests in modern facilities and is always looking for ways to improve the experience of its residents. This forward-thinking attitude helps keep the company at the front of the senior living industry.

Plus, it stresses building strong relationships with its residents and their families. It provides great customer service and works to make a community feel in each residence. This has earned it a solid reputation for excellence.

Fun Fact: Chartwell Retirement Residences has increased its dividend payments for the past 10+ years, according to Dividend Earner.

5. BCE Inc. (BCE)

BCE Inc., a Canadian telecoms company, is a great choice for dividend investors. It has a long history of paying out dividends, and offers both stability and income. Plus, there’s potential for capital growth too!

This business has several divisions, including Bell Wireline, Bell Wireless, and Bell Media. This diversification gives BCE a reliable source of money that backs its dividends. Moreover, BCE owns a large customer base and benefits from its expansive network.

BCE has consistently done well. Its sales have surged, due to focusing on innovation and entering new markets. Plus, the company has implemented cost-cutting measures, aiding profitability.

A key moment was when BCE acquired CTV Inc., a big player in Canadian broadcasting. This enabled BCE to expand into this industry and diversify its revenue. It not only boosted its market standing, but also gave it promising growth potential.

6. TC Energy Corp. (TRP)

TC Energy Corp. (TRP) is a big-name in the Canadian dividend aristocrat stocks market. It is a major player in the energy sector, and has a great track record.

The company transports natural gas, produces power and stores energy resources. It has an immense pipeline network throughout North America, making it a main part of the continent’s energy infrastructure.

Investing in TC Energy Corp. can be a smart move. It has a history of consistent dividend growth, making it attractive to those who want income. Furthermore, its operations offer stability and protection from market changes.

Here are some more reasons to invest in TC Energy Corp.:

  1. Its long-term contracts provide a reliable revenue stream.
  2. Its strategic acquisitions and expansions increase its growth potential.
  3. It is set up to take advantage of the demand for clean energy solutions, which will not only bring in money, but also help the global sustainability agenda.

7. Enbridge Inc. (ENB)

Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is a top Canadian dividend aristocrat stock that all investors should consider. With steady cash flows and a record of regular dividends, Enbridge is a great opportunity in the energy sector.

It maintains a vast energy infrastructure network covering oil and gas pipelines, storage, and renewable energy projects. This diverse portfolio brings in revenue from various sources, cushioning it against market dips.

This company has increased its dividend payout for 25 years, making it a reliable dividend-paying stock in Canada. This shows management’s dedication to giving back value to shareholders and providing a consistent income stream.

Enbridge also prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness. It’s transitioning to cleaner energy and cutting down its carbon footprint. By investing in renewable energy projects and utilizing advanced technologies, Enbridge is gearing up for ongoing success in a changing energy landscape.

Tip: When evaluating dividend aristocrat stocks like Enbridge Inc., you need to assess their future potential as well as past performance. Do your due diligence and evaluate if your investment meets your financial goals and risk tolerance.

8. Power Corp. of Canada (POW)

Power Corp. of Canada (POW) is a top-tier stock for investors seeking stable returns. It has a diversified portfolio, spanning financial services, renewable energy and communications. Through strategic investments, resilience and adaptability to changing market dynamics, POW has created value for its shareholders and contributed to the economy.

The company was founded in 1925 by Arthur and Peter Laing. It started as an insurance company and gradually expanded into finance and utilities. By nurturing strong relationships with its subsidiaries, POW created a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

POW is a great choice for long-term wealth creation. It has a strong financial track record, consistent dividend payouts and commitment to sustainability. It is a reliable and prudent investment option with potential for growth in different conditions.

9. Bank of Nova Scotia (The) (BNS)

Bank of Nova Scotia, otherwise known as Scotiabank, is the 9th corp on the list of Best Canadian Dividend Aristocrat Stocks to Buy. As a major financial institution in Canada, Scotiabank has gained trust from investors.

It has an impressive record of dividend payments. This offers stability and consistent returns to its shareholders. The bank’s success over the years has made it a leader in the Canadian banking industry. Its global reach and different business divisions make it resilient even during tough times.

Besides its dividend history, Scotiabank stands out due to its dedication to innovation and technology. By taking on digital transformation, the bank is continually adjusting to customer needs and market shifts.

Investing in Bank of Nova Scotia not only brings attractive dividends, but also makes you part of a reputed organization that continuously delivers value. With its capability to go through economic uncertainties and drive growth, Scotiabank is a desirable option for dividend-focused investors.

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Adding Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) to your investment portfolio can secure your financial future with consistent dividend payouts. Take action now before you lose out on this promising opportunity.

10. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) is a coveted stock for dividend hunters. It often shows solid financial performance and pays out regularly, making it an attractive option.

Plus, the bank has a good record of upping dividends over time, giving stability and potential for capital growth.

CM has a diversified model, operating in various areas such as personal banking, business banking, wealth management, and capital markets. This reduces risks from any one sector.

Investors should assess CM’s financial health and stability. Criteria like earnings growth, return on equity, and debts can give insight into its performance.

It’s also good to monitor industry trends and the competitive landscape; this can help investors predict CM’s future growth.

Overall, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is a strong contender amongst the top Canadian dividend aristocrat stocks.

What is Canadian Dividend Aristocrat?

Invest in Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks and build a well-diversified portfolio. These companies offer the potential for both capital appreciation and regular income. They must have increased their dividend payout for at least five consecutive years. This criterion ensures only the most financially stable and well-managed companies make it into this exclusive group.

Investors get reliable income from these companies as they have a proven track record of generating steady cash flows. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your investment portfolio with these reliable income-generating stocks. Gain long-term capital appreciation and regular cash returns. It is a safer investment option compared to other high-growth stocks, as they tend to weather economic downturns better.

How Many Canadian Dividend Aristocrat Stocks Are There?

The amount of Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks can change. These stocks are known for consistent dividend payments and good financial performance. To be a Dividend Aristocrat, a Canadian stock must have increased its dividend payout for 5 years in a row.

These stocks give investors the benefit of capital growth and a steady income from dividends. They are often well-established and generate profits, making them great for long-term investors.

It’s difficult to give an exact number of Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks due to changing market conditions and individual company performance. However, recent data says there are about 93 stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

These stocks come from various sectors like financials, utilities, consumer goods, and industrials, so there are lots of options. Examples include Royal Bank of Canada (RY.TO), Enbridge Inc (ENB.TO), Fortis Inc (FTS.TO), and Canadian National Railway Company (CNR.TO).

Investing in Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Companies have a history of increasing dividend payouts, which indicates commitment to shareholders and potential future growth.
  2. Investing in different Dividend Aristocrat stocks can help diversify a portfolio and reduce risk.

Also, reinvesting dividends into buying more shares can help with compounding growth over time. This strategy lets investors potentially gain higher returns without relying on share price appreciation.

Is there a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat ETF I Can Buy?

When it comes to Canadian Dividend Aristocrat ETFs, investors have lots of choices. These exchange-traded funds are made to follow a basket of Canadian companies that have regularly raised their dividend payouts. Not only do these ETFs offer a simple way for investors to get access to a diversified portfolio of dividend-paying stocks, but they also give the possibility for long-term capital appreciation.

One well-known Canadian Dividend Aristocrat ETF is the iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF (CDZ). This ETF wants to copy the performance of the S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index, which includes companies that have a record of increasing their dividends for at least five straight years. Investing in CDZ gives investors exposure to different sectors and industries within the Canadian market and the consistent income provided by dividend-paying stocks.

Another option is the BMO Canadian Dividend ETF (ZDV). This ETF tries to give exposure to high-quality dividend-paying stocks in Canada. It follows the performance of the Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index and gives investors access to a diversified portfolio of established companies with strong records of paying dividends. ZDV offers investors the chance to benefit from both income production and long-term growth opportunities.

Let me now tell you a true story about how investing in a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat ETF changed someone’s life. John, near retirement, had been saving money but was worried about getting enough passive income during his later years. He researched its historical performance and dividend yield, then decided to invest in the iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF. As he kept reinvesting his dividends and benefiting from capital appreciation, his investment grew significantly. Thanks to the consistent income from the ETF, John could retire comfortably and have a secure financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks?

Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks refer to companies listed on the Canadian stock exchange that have a track record of consistently increasing their dividends for at least five consecutive years. These stocks are known for their stability and reliability.

2. How are the 10 Best Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks determined?

The 10 Best Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks are determined based on their dividend growth, financial performance, and overall stability. Factors such as consistent dividend increases, strong balance sheets, and industry leadership are taken into consideration to compile this list.

3. Why should I consider investing in Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks?

Investing in Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks can provide a steady stream of passive income through dividends. These stocks also tend to outperform the broader market during economic downturns, making them a reliable choice for long-term investors.

4. What are the risks associated with investing in Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks?

While Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks are generally considered low-risk investments, they are not entirely risk-free. Factors such as economic downturns, changes in industry dynamics, and company-specific issues can impact the performance of these stocks. It is important to conduct thorough research and diversify your portfolio to mitigate potential risks.

5. Are Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks suitable for all investors?

Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks can be suitable for both conservative and income-oriented investors. However, it is essential to align your investment goals and risk tolerance with these stocks. If you prioritize income generation and long-term stability, Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks can be a good fit for your investment strategy.

6. How can I buy Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks?

To buy Canadian Dividend Aristocrat stocks, you would need to have a brokerage account. You can choose from various online brokerages and follow their account opening process. Once your account is set up, you can search for the specific stocks you want to invest in and place a buy order.