What is EOS Canada?

Past Due debt notice letter
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EOS Canada is a debt collection agency in charge of collecting money on behalf of creditors.

It has operations in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Creditors can include all sorts of organizations from banks, to credit card and loan companies, to government agencies, to phone companies, and others.

If you have unpaid bills with a creditor, that creditor can hire EOS Canada to collect payment from you.

Why is EOS Canada calling?

Getting a call from EOS Canada means you most likely owe money to a creditor.

They’re in charge of collecting on that debt, so they are calling you to advise you of the unpaid debts and notify you that they will be taking steps to collect payment.

Did You Know?

Recently, EOS Canada renamed themselves as Transworld Systems Canada, so you may see that name pop up on your caller ID or on your credit report instead of EOS CCA.

How to Get EOS Canada to Stop Calling

The only way to get EOS Canada to stop calling is by working out a way to settle your debts.

If you don’t think you owe any money, you can contact them directly to resolve the problem.

In the event that you do owe money to a creditor and can’t afford to pay, you can contact a Licensed Solvency Trustee.

They offer free help and guidance on how to resolve your outstanding debts and will create a plan of action that works for your specific situation.

Why is EOS CCA on my Credit Report & How to Remove it

If you checked your credit report and saw EOS CCA, that means that EOS Canada is now in charge of collecting on an unpaid debt of yours. 

You can only get EOS CCA removed from your credit report if the unpaid debt was filed in error, was fraudulently done by a third party, or certain information was wrong.

If this is the case, you should contact them right away as well as making a request to the credit bureau to have it removed.

If the debt was reported correctly, it will remain on your credit report for around seven years.

What are my Rights when Dealing with EOS Canada?

It’s important to know your rights, regardless of whether or not you owe money to a creditor.

When dealing with EOS Canada (and any other debt collections agency), here are a few things you should know.

  • Before collecting on behalf of a creditor, EOS Canada must first make an effort to notify you in writing. Generally, they’ll start by sending you a letter in the mail notifying you that the creditor has requested debt collection. If you ignore this, then emails and phone calls will commence. To obtain up-to-date contact information, debt collections agencies are allowed to contact your employer, friends, family, and other people that may know you.
  • They must identify themselves every time they speak to you. They aren’t allowed to pretend to be someone they’re not, or mislead you in any way. 
  • They aren’t allowed to threaten, harass, intimidate, use offensive or crude language, or apply excessive pressure on you. The job of a debt collector is to notify you that you have unpaid debts in a professional manner. Their job is not to scare you into submission, insult you, or use any other type of coercive behavior. 
  • They must call you within the acceptable time window. This varies from province to province, but the general rule is between 7am and 9pm Monday through Saturday. Some provinces allow calls on Sundays between 1pm, and 5pm, but calls are not allowed on Sundays in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about a collection agency, you can contact a provincial or territorial Consumer Affairs office in your area.

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