Minimum Wage in Manitoba: Here Are The Details

As of October 1 2021, the minimum wage in Manitoba is $11.95.

Minimum Wage History in Manitoba

Over the last 10 years, the minimum wage in Manitoba has been steadily increasing.

The following table shows the 10 most recent minimum wage changes in Manitoba:

Date Hourly Minimum Wage
October 1, 2021 $11.95
October 1, 2020 $11.90
October 1, 2019 $11.65
October 1, 2018 $11.35
October 1, 2017 $11.15
October 1, 2015 $11.00
October 1, 2014 $10.70
October 1, 2013 $10.45
October 1, 2012 $10.25
October 1, 2011 $10.00

Did You Know?

As of December 29, 2021, the Canadian government will establish a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour for employees in the federally regulated private sector.

Exemptions to the Minimum Wage in Manitoba

In general, all workers in Manitoba must be paid at least the minimum wage amount of the province.

If they aren’t, or if the minimum wage increases, their pay must increase to at least the minimum wage.

That said, there are rare exceptions to this rule.

Some workers who are excluded from the minimum wage requirement are:

  • Domestic workers who have working hours of less than 12 hours a week.
  • Those enrolled in a training program provincially or federally approved.
  • Enumerators, election officials, and any other temporary employee appointed under The Elections Act.
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All employees, regardless of age, must be paid the minimum wage as a starting point – this includes workers that are under the age of 18 years old, as well as employees that work on a commission basis.

In terms of construction work, the minimum wage can also vary.

For residential construction, the minimum wage is the same as at the provincial level, so $11.95.

When it comes to ICI construction workers and heavy construction workers, the minimum wage varies based on the job.

The skill and its respective minimum wage are outlined in the tables below:

ICI January 1, 2017 or after
Part 1: Journeypersons
Boiler Maker $33.40
Bricklayer $36.30
Carpenter $31.60
Concrete Finisher $27.30
Construction Craft Worker $26.80
Construction Electrician $37.40
Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator
Mobile Crane Operator $33.95
Tower Crane Operator $38.60
Boom Truck Hoist Operator $27.10
Floor Covering Installer $29.05
Glazier $30.20
Industrial Mechanic (Millright) $34.55
Insulator (Heat and Frost) $29.85
Structural Steel Erector $34.75
Reinforcing Iron (re-bar) $30.10
Miscellaneous Metal Worker/Ornamental Worker $34.25
Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) $30.45
Painter and Decorator $27.85
Plumber $37.00
Pre-Engineered Building Erector $30.05
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic $35.90
Roofer $29.95
Sheet Metal Worker $38.10
Sprinkler System Installer $40.10
Steamfitter-Pipefitter $37.00
Part 2: Skilled Tradespersons
Steamfitter-Pipefitter $25.15
Trainee 2 $20.15
Trainee 1 $15.10
Elevator Constructor $38.75
Trainee 2 $31.00
Trainee 1 $22.90
Specialty Labourer (assisting bricklayer) $25.65
Trainee 2 $20.50
Trainee 1 $15.40
General Construction Labourer $24.45
Trainee 2 $19.55
Trainee 1 $14.65
Marble, Tile, and Terrazzo Installer $26.05
Trainee 2 $20.85
Trainee 1 $15.60
Plasterer $28.85
Trainee 2 $23.05
Trainee 1 $17.25
Sheeter, Decker, and Cladder $33.55
Trainee 2 $26.85
Trainee 1 $20.15
Scaffolder $31.65
Trainee 2 $25.30
Trainee 1 $19.05
Part 3: Other Workers
Construction Worker $15.80
Heavy Construction May 1, 2017 or after
Mobile Crane Operator working on heavy construction $25.25
Heavy Duty Mechanic or Welder working on heavy equipment $23.35
Operator of a dragline, clam shell, shovel, hydraulic excavator, pile driver or other equipment requiring similar skills $20.90
Plant Operator; Operator of a paving machine, dozer, loader, loader backhoe, grader, scraper, hydro excavator, tractor with controlled attachments, or other equipment requiring similar skills $18.70
Truck Operator of a truck with 4 or more axles, fuel truck, distribution truck, truck with hydraulic boom or hoist $18.05
Truck Operator of a truck having a gross vehicle weight of more than 2,500 kg and fewer than 4 axles $17.00
Operator of a light truck having a gross vehicle weight of less than 2,500 kg, ride on tractor pulled compaction equipment or other equipment requiring similar skills $15.95
Construction Craft Worker and Skilled Labourer, including Concrete Finisher, Pipelayer, Screedman or a labourer who performs work requiring similar skills $16.45
General Labourer in heavy construction sector and not otherwise classified $14.75
Watcher, Flagger or Rodman $12.75

Since standard hours in Manitoba are 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day, most employees that work over that will be entitled to overtime, which would be 1 ½ times their pay.

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