How Many Working Days in a Year Ontario?

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There are 251 working days each year in Ontario.

If you account for 10 vacation days, that means one would work 241 days.

These numbers may slightly change year to year if it is a leap year for example.

What is the Standard Work Week in Ontario?

The standard work week in Ontario is 37.5 hours.

This is based on five working days of 8 hours each, with a mandatory unpaid break of 30 minutes when 5 consecutive hours are worked, so 7.5 paid hours worked each day.

This does not necessarily have to be Monday to Friday but for most people, it will be.

The typical work day has generally been 9 AM to 5 PM but these days and in hybrid working models, this can vary considerably based on employer.

How Many Statutory Holidays Are There in Ontario?

Ontario follows most of the same statutory holiday schedules as the rest of Canada.

For workers in Ontario, this means nine statutory holidays off each year.

Here is a full list of Ontario’s statutory holidays:

Ontario Statutory Holiday Date
New Year’s Day January 1st
Family Day Usually the third Monday in February
Good Friday The Friday before Easter Sunday
Victoria Day The last Monday before May 25th
Canada Day July 1st
Labour Day The first Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day The second Monday in October
Christmas Day December 25th
Boxing Day December 26th

As is the standard practice across Canada, if any of these statutory holidays in Ontario falls on a weekend, then the next business day is observed as a day off in lieu.

Some companies can still have employees work on a statutory holiday but generally a special statutory rate of pay is required.

In September 2023, some Provinces in Canada added the Truth and Reconciliation Day as a new statutory holiday however as of 2023, Ontario did not observe Truth and Reconciliation Day as a statutory holiday.

Federally regulated employers in Ontario recognize Truth and Reconciliation Day as well as Remembrance Day as statutory holidays so those employees get 11 stat holidays each year.

Did You Know?

British Columbia observes 11 statutory holidays each year. Along with the previously mentioned Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th, BC employees also get the first Monday in August off for BC Day.

How Much Vacation Do Workers in Ontario Receive?

According to the Employee Standards Act in Ontario, employees who have worked for the same company for more than a year are entitled to 10 days of vacation per year.

Of course, this will vary depending on the company and the number of years you have worked.

The 10 days of vacation is a standard starting point for employees in Ontario.

Workers in Ontario who work the standard work week and receive 10 vacation days annually will work about 251 days each year.

This accounts for weekends and the nine statutory holidays in 2023.

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