Does Target Ship to Canada? (Simple Guide)

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Unfortunately Target stopped shipping items to Canada in 2020.

If you live close to the border, you have the option to choose a parcel pick-up location in the US that’s nearest to you, and drive across the border to pick it up. 

Is There Another Way To Ship Items FromTarget to Canada?

Yes! If you’ve got your eye on something specific from Target, there is a way to get your haul delivered straight to your door in Canada — by using a cross-border shipping service.

These services provide you with a U.S. address to which you can have your Target purchases shipped which then forward the items to one of their Canadian pickup locations of your choosing.

You also have the option to get it delivered right to your Canadian address.

How to Use a Cross-Border Shipping Service to Shop at Target

By using a cross-border shipping service like CrossBorder Pickups, you can shop at Target or any other US retailer and get around their “No International Shipping” policy.

It’s easy and decently cost effective, even though you will still need to fork the applicable taxes and import duties.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up to CrossBorder Pickups and receive a U.S. address to use.
  • Shop online at Target.
  • Ship the package to this U.S. address.
  • You’ll receive an email once your Target package has arrived at the U.S. address. Once you approve it, they will ship it over to you.
  • CrossBorder Pickups will clear it with Customs, and pay applicable duties and taxes on your behalf. These fees will be added to your overall bill.
  • Once the package arrives at one of the CrossBorder Pickup locations, you will receive an email notification for pick up. If there is no location close by or you’d simply prefer to have your package delivered right to you, you can choose this option.

Most cross-border shipping services offer an option on their page to calculate the costs of having your items imported and delivered to you in Canada.

These costs will vary based on things like the size, weight, and value of your purchase.

Alternatives to Target for Canadian Shoppers

Not in the mood to go through the hassle of having to use a cross-border shipping service?

Luckily, Canadian shoppers have several options available.

Here are some great Canadian alternatives to Target:

Walmart: Walmart offers a wide range of products at affordable prices.

They have numerous locations across Canada, making it convenient for shoppers.

Whether you prefer in-store shopping or online orders, Walmart is a popular choice.

Amazon: As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon provides Canadian shoppers with a vast selection of products.

They offer fast and reliable shipping options, making it easy for shoppers to get what they need.

Canadian Tire: This Canadian retail company offers a variety of products, including household items, automotive supplies, and outdoor equipment.

They have both physical stores and an online platform for shoppers to choose from.

Best Buy: If you’re looking for electronics and appliances, Best Buy is a great alternative to Target.

They have a wide range of products available and knowledgeable staff to assist customers.

Costco: Known for their bulk items and wholesale prices, Costco is a popular choice for Canadian shoppers.

They offer a diverse range of products, including groceries, household essentials, and electronics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Canadians shop at Target and have their items shipped to Canada?
  • How can Canadians shop from Target and other American online shops that don’t ship to Canada?
  • Canadians can use package forwarders or freight forwarding companies like CrossBorder Pickups to have their Target orders delivered to Canadian addresses.

  • What is a package forwarder and how does it work?
  • A package forwarder is a company that provides an American shipping address for customers to use. When the package arrives at the forwarder’s warehouse, it is then forwarded to the customer’s Canadian address for a fee.

  • Are there any additional costs to consider when shipping Target items to Canada?
  • Yes, customers should be aware of freight forwarder charges and customs and duty charges that may apply when shipping Target items to Canada.

  • Does Target have plans to return to Canada and open stores?
  • No, Target closed all its Canadian stores in 2015 and currently has no plans to return to the Canadian market after suffering over $4 billion in losses.

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