Why Don’t I Get PC Optimum Points at Superstore?

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If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting PC Optimum Points when shopping at Superstore, there could be a few reasons why.

The good news is that none of these issues are major so you’ll be earning those PC Optimum Points in no time!

1. Is your PC Optimum card linked to your Superstore account?

In order to earn PC Optimum points, you need to ensure that your PC Optimum card is linked to your Superstore account.

Check if you have registered your card and linked it to your account.

This is the most common reason for not accumulating PC Optimum Points, especially for new customers.

If you have just signed up for a PC Optimum membership then it could just be some administrative errors that have prevented you from earning your points.

This is also true if you are new to PC Financial and have just activated a PC Mastercard.

You can use the mobile app to confirm that your account is properly linked.

If you did miss out on earning points, it’s possible to take your receipt to customer service and explain that you are a new customer and your account was not properly set up.

2. Buying Ineligible Products

Not all products are eligible for PC Optimum Points.

While most things like groceries or cosmetics are eligible, if you are only purchasing things like tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets, or gift cards you won’t be earning any points.

Each retailer has a list of ineligible products so make sure you know what you do and do not earn PC Optimum Points on.

3. Using PC Optimum Card at the Cashier

It is entirely possible that either you or the cashier forgot to scan your PC Optimum Card.

Obviously, if you don’t have your card scanned you won’t earn any points for that day.

Whether you use your physical card or the mobile app, make sure it is scanned so you collect the proper amount of PC Optimum Points.

Your receipt will show details around points earned so it can be used as a way to validate whether or not your card was scanned.

4. Wait for PC Optimum Points to be Awarded to Your Account

On rare occasions, there could just be a delay with the PC Optimum Points being awarded to your account.

There could be something impacting the system or again, if you are a new PC customer, your account could just take a little longer to update.

If you haven’t seen your PC Optimum Points credited to your account, wait a day or two to see if they show up.

Your PC Optimum Points earned will show up in your transaction history under your PC Optimum account.

If you do notice that you have not been rewarded points you can click on the “Start a points inquiry” option to escalate the matter to customer support.

Did You Know?

Loblaws stores encompass brands such as Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, and Joe Fresh outlets, among others.

How do PC Optimum Points Work?

PC Optimum Points can be redeemed directly at any Loblaws location directly at the cash register for discounts on your bill.

Exclusions do apply, gift cards for example are not eligible.

While earning points can vary across different retailers, all PC Optimum Points can be redeemed at a value of about 10,000 points for $10.00.

You can also redeem points to save money at the pumps when filling up with gas or exchanging them for car washes at participating Esso or Mobil gas stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does it Take for PC Optimum Points to Show Up?
  • Do You Get PC Optimum Points at Superstore?
  • Yes, Superstore is one of the retailers that is included in the PC Optimum program. Most Loblaw retailers are, as well as Esso and Mobil gas stations. Across Canada, there are over 4,500 retail locations where you can earn PC Optimum Points, including every Real Canadian Superstore outlet.
  • Do PC Optimum Points Expire?
  • No, PC Optimum Points do not expire. However, if your account is inactive for two or more years, it can be closed, meaning you would lose all of your previously collected points.
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