What is the CAN/CAD Soda Snack Vending Toronto Credit Card Charge?

Lady using a vending machine to get a soda
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The Soda Snack Vending Toronto credit card charge appears when you’ve swiped your card at a local vending machine.

Residents or visitors to Toronto, this transaction will appear on your credit card statement if you use your card at vending machines throughout Toronto and even in other cities across Canada.

Many vending machines accept credit cards these days and since it is such a small purchase, you might forget that you used your card.

What to do if You Don’t Recognize a Soda Snack Vending Credit Card Charge?

If you see this transaction on your statement and you really have no idea of what it could be from, then there are some steps you can take.

The first is to reach out to customer support for your credit card and get to the bottom of what the transaction is.

Usually, the credit card company has a little more insight into the nature of the transaction.

We mentioned that vending machines in cities other than Toronto can provide the same charge description so it doesn’t necessarily mean the charge is from Toronto.

This is important because the first thing people will do is think that their card has been stolen or that they are the victims of identity theft.

Get in touch with customer support and begin the process of reporting the charge.

If you still do not recognize the charge, then the next step is usually to cancel your card.

You can do this directly with customer support but it will mean you will be without a credit card for a few days.

What is soda snack vending?

Soda snack vending has been around for decades now and is nothing new.

In many public places around Toronto, there are vending machines that you can purchase soda and snacks from.

These machines are also available in private buildings like workplaces, cafeterias, and public buildings.

Even if the charge reads soda snack vending in Toronto, it does not necessarily mean you bought a snack.

There are tons of other vending machines that you can use your card at that will give you the same transaction charge.

Can I use my Credit Card at a Vending Machine in Canada?

Yes, a lot of vending machines in Toronto and across Canada now accept credit cards.

With fewer people carrying cash, especially change these days, it makes sense to allow people to use their cards.

Some vending machines will even allow you to use your mobile phone to tap using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Most vending machines that accept credit cards only allow Visa or Mastercard, although you will find the odd one that accepts American Express as well.

Did You Know?
Vending machines have become a popular side hustle among Canadians. These machines can provide passive income for very little work aside from refilling them every few days.

How Much Are Vending Machine Credit Card Processing Fees?

Vending machine credit card processing fees are how much credit card companies take from each transaction.

Typically in Canada, these fees are between 1.5% and 3.5% but can vary depending on your business.

These processing fees are paid by the vendor and not the consumer.

So if you’re using a credit card at a vending machine in Toronto, you don’t have to worry about paying it.

What this does explain is why there is a markup on individual products that are available in vending machines.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Soda Snack Vending Toronto Credit Card Charge?
  • Is it Safe to Use a Credit Card at a Vending Machine?
  • Yes, most vending machines are safe to use your credit card with however like most credit card devices, they can be fitted with special equipment that can steal your credit card information.

  • Why Did the Vending Machine Charge Me Twice?
  • When you use a vending machine your credit card will often appear to be charged twice. This is not the case. Vending machines will put an authorized hold which is usually higher than the purchase price to defer overdraft charges. Usually within a day or two that authorized hold transaction will be cancelled.

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