Understanding the Bell CRDV Charge on Your Credit Card

A Bell CRDV charge refers to a transaction on your credit card associated with the services provided by Bell Canada.

This charge is commonly seen on credit card statements of customers who have signed up for Bell services, or through one of Bell’s brands, such as Virgin Mobile.

What is the Purpose of Bell CRDV Charge?

The purpose of a Bell CRDV charge is to process payments for goods or services provided by Bell, a telecommunications company.

Bell CRDV charges can be legitimate transactions for services such as cable TV, internet, or phone subscriptions offered by Bell.

However, if you happen to see a charge for $0.00 or another small amount, it could be that you recently signed up with Bell and they want to validate the credit card.

To ensure that the charge is accurate, review your recent purchases and compare them to the Bell CRDV charge on your credit card statement.

What To Do If You Think Your Bell CRDV Charge Is A Scam

If you find an incorrect or unauthorized Bell CRDV charge, start by contacting Bell’s customer support for clarification.

If Bell is unable to assist you and you believe the charge is fraudulent, dispute it with your credit card company.

To prevent unauthorized charges, regularly monitor your credit card statements for unfamiliar transactions, keep track of your subscriptions and services, and securely manage your credit card information.

Did You Know?

Bell is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada, serving over 11 million customers.

Phones on display in Bell Mobility store

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the BELL CRDV charge a fraudulent activity?
  • What are the possible alternative names for the BELL CRDV charge on credit card statements?
  • The BELL CRDV charge may also appear on statements as CHKCARDBELL VERDUN QC, CHECKCARD BELL VERDUN QC, POS Debit BELL VERDUN QC, and more. These variations denote the same charge from Bell Canada.

  • Why am I seeing $0.00 pending transactions from BELL CRDV?
  • A $0.00 charge is suspected to be related to credit card verification or potentially part of a phishing scam. If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

  • Can the BELL CRDV charge be related to my cell phone bill?
  • Yes, the BELL CRDV charge can be related to your cell phone bill from Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile.

  • How can I recover my money if I believe the BELL CRDV charge is fraudulent?
  • If you believe the BELL CRDV charge is fraudulent and you want to recover your money, contact your bank or credit card company immediately. They can guide you through the dispute process and investigate the charge on your behalf. Provide any supporting evidence or information you have regarding the fraudulent activity.

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